Scorpio Pizza Oven

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No other portable pizza oven has all these features:

Rotation System with 16in diameter, 1/2in thick cordierite Pizza Stone
Dual fuel options: wood or propane
Hinged door with ceramic viewing window
304 stainless steel construction
850 degrees in 20 minutes (using the Propane Burner)
Pizza cooking in 90 seconds or less
Modular and portable

What's in the Box:

Oven Body
Two Chimney Components
Propane Burner
Wood Burner
Pizza Stone
Stainless Guide Plate
Motor and Guide Shaft
DC/USB Cord and AC Adapter
Scorpio™ Pizza Peel
Scorpio™ Fire Tool

SCORPIO Pizza Oven User Manual

Size: 31in x 14in (Length x Width) Weight: 23 ounces
Free standard shipping with a purchase of $50 or more on all orders in the Continental United States.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Douglas Henger
Wow. Love the Scorpio.

I was a very early backer of this advanced oven technology and I am so happy I waited for its release. It’s a game changer.
My friends who thought I was crazy waiting for the Scorpio now envy me for having what is likely the most high tech and versatile oven on the market. Well worth the wait.

The oven you’ve been waiting for 🔥 🍕

This oven makes amazing pizza and has the coolest features! Everything you need to get started is included.

✔️ wood fired
✔️ propane attachment
✔️ accessories included (peel, cover, fire tool)

And the best part is the rotating stone. It rotates the pizza while you bake, so no need to use a turning peel or having to open and close the door losing valuable heat. 🔥

Best Home Pizza Oven Ever!!

We gave away our Ooni once we started using the Scorpio. It heats up really quickly, is easy to move around, and can use either propane or wood. It also has a great capacity, so it is super easy to launch and retrieve your pizza. It is just sooo easy and makes a perfect pizza every time. Gone are the days of the pizza burning on one side and needing to move the pizza around while it cooking. Just pre-heat, launch, wait and retrieve. Awesome!!


Absolutely LOVING our new scorpio pizza oven and can't wait to try more and more in it!!!!

Christopher Frost
Amazing Results!

This oven takes some time to get used to, but for a portable pizza oven that makes awesome woodfire pizzas, you're not going to find anything better.

I must stress that it takes some time to learn how to use this oven properly. If you are doing a wood fire, I'm sure propane is much easier. It's a little more than just putting wood in there and letting it go, and that is going to be the biggest hurdle to getting great pizza.

I hope they come up with a wood-only stand-alone for my backyard soon. This design has a lot of potential.