Not only do we have the most innovative features on the market, we engineered them to all work together. The Scorpio Pizza Oven experience delivers unmatched performance, portability, and artisanal, flavorful mastery.

Explore our features to learn how Scorpio developed the ultimate pizza oven to craft the perfect Neapolitan pizza.

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Your kit includes:

  • Scorpio™ Pizza Oven
  • Propane Burner
  • Wood Burner
  • Scorpio™ Pizza Peel
  • Fire Management Tool
  • Free Shipping to Continental US (lower 48 states)

No more constantly turning pizzas or losing precious heat with manual pizza spinning; Scorpio’s 360° Revolution does the spinning for you. Our 16-inch stone revolves twice a minute, which is fast enough for even cooking, but slow enough for you to confidently launch and retrieve a pizza without stopping the stone.

Our 16-inch diameter, ½ inch thick stone is one of the largest in its class and is easily removable making cleaning up a breeze.


We offer two ways to fuel your fire: the convenience of propane and the robust artistry of wood. 

The rocket stove design features an upper chamber for wood and a lower chamber that accelerates airflow through the burner creating an exceptionally hot fire. Wood splints are loaded from the side of the burner and ashes drop into the deep lower chamber, allowing the burner to operate for hours without having the ash build up impact airflow.

Our propane burner is an adjustable high-output system, containing dual jets generating 23,000 BTU. This system provides an elegant, low touch cooking experience and ignites with the push of a button.

Reverse Flow Draft™

Scorpio’s patent-pending Reverse Flow Draft™design creates lightweight, thermal efficiency by pulling the fire over the pizza, then innovatively recycling that intense heat by venting it into a secondary chamber, back over the dome. This mimics the performance of some of the best full-sized pizza ovens in the world.


The Scorpio is designed to be easily disassembled so you can take your artistry on the road or store the Scorpio if outdoor space is at a premium. The oven body designed to carry like a suitcase and weighs just under 30 pounds. 

Plus, Scorpio’s 5-volt DC motor can be powered by a rechargeable battery (not included), providing hours of run time, anywhere.

The Scorpio Pizza Oven includes the following components: oven body, two chimney components, propane burner, wood burner, pizza stone, turntable, guide plate, hex axle, motor, DC/USB cord and AC adapter.