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Every at home pizzaiolo needs to start somewhere, one of the easiest ways to elevate your pizza game at home is by having great tools. The Scorpio team has spent countless hours making and developing pizza recipes to highlight the Scorpio's game changing design. Here are some of our favorite tools that help us create pizza magic. 


Food Scale

A great pizza starts with great dough. That means you need two things... a great dough recipe (We've got one of those) and a food scale. This Nicewell food scale can handle every task you throw at it. 


Pizza Cutter

This 14 inch KitchenStar Pizza Cutter is a beast. Make quick, efficient cuts so you can get that pizza out to all of your hungry guests! 


Pizza Pan

After your beautiful pizza is done cooking in the Scorpio you will need a place to put it! These pizza pans are the perfect size and make for quick and easy cleanup. 



This Linden rack is compact and incredibly versatile. it will help you store dough, fully cooked pies or anything else you want to keep off the counter while serving. 


Welding Gloves

The Scorpio can get up to 850 degrees in 20 minutes. When you are using the wood burner, and feeding the logs it is important to be safe. These WZQH Welding Gloves will keep you protected while keeping your oven hot. 


Grill Pan

There is a whole world of cooking that the Scorpio can handle outside of pizza. This FoldTier Cast Iron will set you up for cooking meats, veggies and anything else you put your mind to. 


Infrared Thermometer  

A cold oven can ruin a pizza. If you purchase anything from this list, in your author's opinion the infrared thermometer is the most important. This Etekcity thermometer will give you quick accurate temperature readings to make sure your Scorpio is firing the way you need it to. 


Pizza Stone Brush

This Pizza Stone Brush will help you keep your oven and stone clean throughout every cook! 


Stainless Steel Table

The Scorpio is a serious piece of machinery. This Regency table is strong and sturdy enough to not only handle the Scorpio but to make the experience even better. Like we mentioned with the gloves, safety is important. The right cooking surface can make a world of difference. 



When cooking with the wood burner, the type of wood you choose can make or break your cook. The Scorpio team loves these hickory logs from Kingsford. Once split, they are the perfect size for the Scorpio. For more tips on cooking with the wood burner check out our founder John's video


Kindling Cracker

Once you've got your logs you will need to split them. This Kindling Cracker is sturdy, dependable and will allow you to quickly split your logs and get cooking. 



The last tool you will need for the wood burner is a good heavy mallet. Let this Estwing do the work for you. If you go too light, you will be hammering for days so make sure you get something with enough weight behind it. 


Portable Charger

A good portable charger is the best way to get your rotating stone moving. It is important to get one that can put out enough power to keep things spinning. This portable charger will allow you to cook for hours on end. 


Now you have all the tools at your disposal to start making great pizzas. Making pizzas at home is a constant learning experience. There will be pies that turn out better than others and that's ok! If you have any questions about equipment or the oven don't hesitate to reach out to us at



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